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Understanding Apartment WiFi in Puerto del Carmen

Understanding Apartment WiFi in Puerto del Carmen

I've stayed in Puerto del Carmen a few times, in various holiday rental apartments. The one thing that has been consistent is the supplied Wi-Fi, which can be frustrating to none technical people.

What Internet speeds to expect in Puerto del Carmen

If you're used to super fast fibre internet broadband speeds, you're about to get a shock. during offpeak times (early morning), speeds can be reached of 7mbps down and 2mbps up. At peak times, this speeds can be less than half.

It's fine for Facebook, Whats App etc, however, if you're a High Definition Netflix streamer, or have a hoard of kids being anti-social on YouTube, you may find some slow down.

Backing up photo/video to cloud services will take a while, best to allow the transfer to happen overnight from your phone/tablet/laptop using a sync tool from your chosen provider.

Due to delays on the connection, internet calls using Skype can be problematic.

Understanding the Internet Technology of Puerto del Carmen

Most holiday rental apartments use a wireless link to a mountain to receive the internet. Also connected to this connection is a UK channel (BBC, ITV and Channel 4) IPTV television service.

The equipment is fairly low grade (I'm sure it's an expensive subscription) and is very likely to overheat, particularly in the main summer months. This causes the Wi-Fi in the apartment to stop working. To restore the connection, remove the power lead from the back of the router, count to ten and reconnect. In about a minute everything is back working again.

TV is Also Supplied over the Internet in Puerto del Carmen

It's an ok service, but not what you would expect back home. The picture suffers from dropped frames, making the picture less smooth. This doesn;t bother me, as I'm on holiday, I need maybe some news (BBC News has been supplied) and then I'm off to enjoy my day.

I Need More Internet Speed in Puerto del Carmen

Then your only option is to use the mobile phone networks. Vodafone speed tested at 45mbps down, 25mbps upload in Puerto del Carmen. Vodafone's new roaming data service is very easy to use, and once connected to the network when you first arrive, provides a very solid 4G coverage throughout the Ireland. 48months (Irish MVNO network) did connect ok, however, was unable to be fully tested for a recommendation.

If you wish to purchase a local sim card for your data requirements for your stay in Puerto del Carmen, as there is no Vodafone store in the resort, or at the Airport, the best option would be the Movistar branch at the BioSphere.

There are options for Lycamobile and Orange on the main strip, however, the electronic stores selling such service shave a bad reputation, and as all providers require your passport details to subscribe you, official Vodafone (located in Arrecife) and Movistar branches feel safer.



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