What I Use

The technology I use to enable me to work and relax change constantly as I am always looking for improvements. Below are some of my current tools.


Mobile Phone

I've just upgrded to the Samsung Galaxy S9+ mobile phone. I chose this phone primary for the quality of the camera. I am very interested to try the new Samsung DeX docking system. 



Audio Recorder

I've owned the Zoom H4n recorder for years. Never has it let me down, and has helped to produce podcast audio both in my home office and at events.



After the failure of my Samsung Tablet, I decided to combine my Kindle book reading and my information consumption preformed on a tablet into one device. I choose the ASUS Z380M, an affordable Android tablet that hasn't let me down

Read my review of the ASUS Z380M - https://colinbutler.net/blog/2017/5/1/asus-z380m-tablet-review

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

BeyondPod is my podcast software app of choice for my Android mobile devices. I purchased this app a long time ago and it hasn't let me down, which is why I haven't switched to the many other apps on the Play Store.

I like the new beta function of syncing between devices.

Podcasts I currently subscribe to